MHE 645: Engaged Learning

Dear Reader,

I’ve spent the past four weeks completely engrossed in my favorite thing (teaching and learning!), so forgive me if I get too excited and my sentences get long.

Engaged learning is the reason I am in a higher education program today. Engaged learning (the practice) got me excited about engaged learning (the subject). At the start of this semester I was still making sense of what my own engaged learning practices meant to me (see my reflections on common intellectual experiences and co-creation). By the middle of the semester, I was applying my new understanding of High Impact Practices to propose new ones (like independent majors!). Our discussion on active learning prompted questions like, “What do we actually mean when we say things like ‘active learning’?” And through it all, I was collaborating with my wonderful team to examine global learning. A theme for me this semester has been the importance of language — not only saying what we mean, but clarifying that meaning together.

While we examined a large range of HIPs, debated whether athletics could be considered a HIP, and discussed engaged learning more broadly, I keep coming back to an original definition I’ve had, based on that first HIP:

…space for relationship-building with peers, and mentorship from faculty; […] it developed my sense of intellectual agency through independently designed and creative projects.

My work outside this class has reinforced the enduring value of these features; they’re key elements of partnership, and they reflect the experience I’ve had in my apprenticeship with the Center for Engaged Learning. As I look forward, I see engaged learning as the heart of what I would like to research and support.

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