I’m a researcher, writer, and doctoral candidate at George Mason University.

I’m passionate about teaching and learning. I’ve always loved school, but I know that’s not true for many. I want to help people learn and teach more joyfully and more inclusively. I realized I could study this formally in college, and I’ve been a scholar in higher education ever since then.

I worked in faculty development for three years before returning to the classroom–first as a master’s student Elon University, and now as a doctoral student at George Mason.

Image of the author, Sophia Abbot, wearing graduation robes and sitting in front of a fountain.

On this site, you can learn more about the topics I’m most interested in: the scholarship of teaching and learning, student-faculty partnership, educational development, and the themes that intersect all three: power, identity, and higher education as a whole. Check out my CV for all of my professional details.