Educational Development

As an undergraduate student partner to faculty, I saw the immense power in collaborating with faculty to support student learning. In particular, I appreciated being able to affirm their teaching efforts and reflect back what I was observing in the classroom. My work in educational development is inextricably linked to student-faculty partners, SoTL, and equity, but this space serves as a hub for finding those development efforts.

Because I came to educational development through student-faculty partnership, my story of educational development is centered on advocacy for meaningful engagement with students about their learning. My research is also inflected by my own struggles to take that meaningful experience and translate it into a path forward in this field. I’ve spent my career working in educational development, but this work has happened in round-about and co-created ways. My writing and presentations below reflect both the challenge and rich possibility in that liminality.

My story of educational development is centered on advocacy for meaningful engagement with students about their learning.


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