Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

From my first undergraduate seminar at Bryn Mawr College in 2011, I’ve been fascinated by the possibilities of the classroom. Unlike many academics who find the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) by way of other disciplines, SoTL’s truly my home.

I am most interested in SoTL that forefronts student experiences and voices, supports inclusive and equitable teaching practices, and as much as possible, is created in partnership among students, faculty, and staff. See some examples of my work below, and check out this tag for more informal writing here on my blog.


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Recent Presentations

American Historical Association 2022: “History of Higher Education: Students Making Sense of Primary Sources by Designing Asynchronous Learning Activities” (Schrum, Abbot, & Catalano)

Southern Association for College Student Affairs 2021: “Teaching Historical Thinking to Higher Education Graduate Students” (Abbot, Schrum, & Catalano)

ISSOTL 2021: “Sustaining SoTL Initiatives by Building a Community of Practice for SoTL Faculty Developers Across Institutions” (Lukes, Abbot, Baum, Case, Henry, & Wells)

ISSOTL 2021: “Designing Digital Activities for Authentic Learning” (Abbot, Schrum, Mason, Hernandez, Fong, & Loughry)

Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy 2021: “Graduate Students Teaching and Learning History Through Asynchronous Activities” (Abbot, Schrum, & Catalano)

ISSOTL 2019: “Naming is Power: Citation Practices in SoTL” (Grensavitch, Ostrowski, Abbot, & Chick)

ISSOTL 2018: Pre-Conference Workshop, “International Perspectives on Engaging Students in SoTL” (Mercer-Mapstone, Ostrowski, Taylor & Abbot)

ISSOTL 2018: “Partnering in SoTL to Foster a Culture that Learns” (Abbot, Mercer-Mapstone & Cook-Sather)

Gardner 2018: “Partnering with Students to Design, Assess, and Improve Gateway Courses” (Felten, Abbot, & Gutierrez)

ISSOTL 2016: “International Student Perspectives on the Ethics of SoTL Research” (Bunnell, Felten, Marquis, Matthews, & Abbot)

STLHE 2016: “Risk-Full Thinking: Student Vulnerability and Risk-Taking in the Classroom” (Abbot)

Academic Blogging

In addition to my more personal blogging, I have written for the Center for Engaged Learning blog at Elon University. Sometimes, those posts reappear on this site, but generally they live at CEL. Here are some of my past SoTL-focused posts:

February 5, 2019: What We Love: Student Motivations for Engaging in SoTL

January 10, 2019: What does SoTL have to do with students?

December 6th, 2018: Students as Partners at ISSOTL 2018 
(with Ketevan Kupatadze, Ph.D.)