The Power of Partnership

“The Power of Partnership makes a significant, creative, and timely contribution to the scholarly literature on a growing trend in higher education—equitable collaborations among students, staff, and faculty in support of teaching and learning. As this book illustrates, this work can take a wide variety of forms, yet the shared principles underlying partnership have the potential to revolutionize higher education.”

– Jessie L. Moore, Peter Felten, and Jennie Goforth

The Power of Partnership celebrates the nuance and depth of student-faculty partnerships in higher education and illustrates the many ways that partnership—the equitable collaboration among students, staff, and faculty in support of teaching and learning—has the potential to transform lives and institutions.

The book aims to break the mold of traditional and power-laden academic writing by showcasing creative genres such as reflection, poetry, dialogue, illustration, and essay. The collection has invited chapters from renowned scholars in the field alongside new student and staff voices, and it reflects and embodies a wide range of student-staff partnership perspectives from different roles, identities, cultures, countries, and institutions.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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