I am a researcher, writer, higher education professional, and current graduate student in Elon University’s Master of Higher Education program.

I’m passionate about teaching and learning. Even as a little girl, I would make my younger sisters fill out worksheets and do practice problems. I’ve always loved school, and I’ve especially loved thinking about how people learn and how we can better facilitate that. When I realized in college that I could do that forever, I was ecstatic! I’ve been a scholar in higher education ever since then.

The author in a graduation cap, with a green "2015" tassel, looking up into the left-hand edge of the photo.

I worked in academic development for three years before returning to the classroom as a graduate student, and it’s been a funny path. Where do people deeply interested in teaching and learning in higher education go to study this? My academic role models have mostly come from elsewhere (English, Secondary Education, History, Biology, and beyond!). I’m still figuring out my next steps, but I’m certain of one thing: I have a whole lifetime of thinking ahead of me!

You’ll find here my thoughts on all the things I can’t stop thinking about: the scholarship of teaching and learning, student-faculty partnership, educational development, and those things that overlap all three: power, identity, and higher education as a whole.